MAXSS Science Review completed.

MAXSS Science Review completed.

In December 2021 then MAXSS Requirements Baseline document (RB) has been completed!

 ●      This RB reports on the outcome of WP1000 which consisted of analyses of the main scientific challenges. It addresses knowledge gaps to perform specific science cases and provides the project’s vision on these cases.

●      In the RB existing capabilities and their level of maturity are analysed to understand what is required to fulfil the objectives of the project.

●      The RB describes existing accessible missions and datasets used for the development and validation of the MAXSS products and for the scientific analyses in terms of practical use, but also in terms of limitation.

●      This  RB baselines requirements for the elements in development that is the multi-mission wind product, the extremes Atlas and the added-value products.

●      This RB baselines the super sites and the scientific analyses.