Storm Atlas Product

The MAXSS storm (wind extremes) atlas  will provide multi-variate observations per tropical, extra-tropical, and polar low  storm for

the decade, 2010-2020.

Added-Value Products

In MAXSS aded-value products. will be developed in terms of radial extent information and information on the vortex structure

Radial extent

Tropical Cyclone (TC), Extra-tropical Cyclone (ETC) and Polar Low (PL) wind structures are provided in terms of the maximum radial extent. For example, for TC’s this is 34, 50, and 64 knots (kt; 1 kt 5 0.51 m s 21 ) or gale force, damaging, and hurricane force winds in quadrants surrounding the TC. These are collectively referred to as wind radii.

Low and medium resolution sensors will be used for the Multi-Mission Wind Products and the SAR data will be used to provide the wind radii corresponding to radius of maximum wind in each of the four geographical quadrants.

Vortex structure

SAR high resolution data will be used to produce a collection of vortex structure analyses (shortly called Vortex) including wind speed and direction estimates as well as TC (PL or ETC) wind speed decomposition in harmonics and rain bands location. This product will be made available in the vortex referential and used both in the scientific applications and to build/validate the Multi-Mission wind products of this project. 

Multi-Mission Wind Product

In MAXSS , a Multi-Mission (MM) Wind product has been developed,. This development  encompasses two main methodological steps

1. an inter-calibration method  (inter-calibrated L2  products)

2. wind data blending method  (level 4 product)

Specific inter-calibration and blending methods will be assessed and the selected methods will be applied on the  low and medium resolution input data.