MAXSS International Workshop upcoming. 3-5 April 2023

International Workshop on Marine-Atmosphere Extreme Events

3-5 April 2023 - BREST, FRANCE


Extreme wind events occupy an increasing place in the mass media as they have direct societal and economic implications (human loss, material destructions...), and are expected to become more destructive in the future as a consequence of global warming. Over the last several years an increasing number of satellite observations (e.g., scatterometers, radiometers, synthetic aperture radars, altimeters) have become available that are able to estimate, either directly or indirectly, surface winds and wave characteristics over extreme events. These available observations are known to be largely heterogeneous, in both space and time, but also in terms of sensor physics.

In that context, the primary objective of the ESA Marine-Atmosphere eXtreme Satellite Synergy (MAXSS) project is to provide guidance and innovative methodologies to maximize the synergetic use of available Earth Observation data (satellite, in situ) to improve understanding about the multi-scale dynamical characteristics of extreme air-sea interaction events. 

The workshop will be held at the Ifremer headquarters campus in Plouzané (near Brest).

Topics include:

  • Status of monitoring ocean-surface extreme winds from space: current and future instruments
  • Methods and models for retrieving high winds from satellite observing systems
  • Ocean surface wind and wave products, synergies, and validation
  • Applications for ocean-atmosphere interactions

For registration and abstract submission please visit the web link given below:

Deadline for registration : February 19th 2023