MAXSS in a nutshell

MAXSS is an ESA scientific project running effectively from Jan 2020 to jan 2023. 

MAXSS will provide guidance and innovative methodologies to maximise the synergetic use of available Earth Observation data to improve the understanding of the multi-scale dynamical characteristics of extreme air-sea interaction.

In MAXSS  three developments are conducted:

  1. The development of a Multi-Mission Wind Product
  2. The development of an extreme Winds (severe storm, cyclone) atlas 
  3. The development  of added-value products to analyse storms 

The focus is on the 2010-2020 decade. The developed products will be validated.

Within MAXSS, the products will be used in 4  case studies: 

  1. Decadal extreme wind changes
  2. Turbulent air-sea fluxes under extreme wind conditions: LES analyses
  3. Turbulent air-sea fluxes under extreme wind conditions: Wake analyses
  4. Storm Impact on Biogeochemistry

The developed products will be presented and shared with the scientific, operational and application (industry) user communities.

ESA Project: MAXSS 4000132954/20/I-NB